These posts that are anonymous create the best storm

After all, such comments will increase hits and a Website’s hits translate to higher positioning in search engines and so forth and so on, blah, blah, blah.

“In theory, it is a fantastic thing. We are giving the people a voice! But the reality is that remarking either pulls loathsome people or somehow induces ordinary people to express themselves in a way that’s loathsome,” writes Lev Grossman, discussing anonymous sites in his Time Magazine column, “Post Apocalypse” (July 21).For proof, one has to go online, locate a site with news articles and read the opinions posted by readers. Many comments are perverse if not totally depraved. If Grossman is correct and the anonymity of a website gets average people post extraordinarily abhorrent messages, then there’s a darkness lurking inside individuals that these sites unleashes.

Anonymous news 77

Papers that are respectable still avoid printing letters that are anonymous unless shielding the writer’s identity is a security issue and the letter is significant enough to publish. Sadly, those same papers have website comments websites where any muttonhead with a keyboard can rant and rave until frothing at the mouth.

In truth, power is given by these anonymous posts to cowards who unexpectedly believe they have license to say whatever drivel that is malicious and, often, completely asinine pops into their little minds. Concealing in an office or at home or at an internet café, safe from any reprisal, they secretly blather on, hurling invectives and cruelties without worrying about acquaintance, a friend or co-worker seeing it and identifying them as a miscreant. These posts that are anonymous create the best storm; the gutless have a forum to present their gutlessness.

Anonymous news 99

Real people who have real ideas, reasoned and sound, are unafraid to own their opinions. They write what they submit and consider it knowing full well that some, maybe many, will disagree. Why should that matter? If the opinion is honest, good-imagined and well delineated, then having one’s name attached to it shouldn’t make anyone afraid.

The Colorado Higher Ed News, on my Website, I do not have to take anonymous rants composed by cringing cowards overly frightened of the world to put their name on their ideas – And, really, how much more cowardly can many people get? Refusing to possess their opinions is like attempting to distance themselves from their face. Not having a forum where readers can comment is preferable to having an anonymous post where any Tomcat99, Dickman10 or HarryNads can post whatever dumb idea pops into what is laughingly referred to as a head.Doug Hawk, writer and editor of the Colorado Higher Ed News, is novelist and a retired public relations director.


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