These posts that are anonymous create the ideal storm

After all, such responses will raise the hits and hits of a Website interpret to higher positioning in search engines and so forth and so on, blah, blah, blah.

“In theory, it is an excellent thing. We are giving a voice to the people!

For evidence, one has to go online, locate a website with news articles and read the opinions posted by subscribers. Many opinions are perverse if not totally depraved. If Grossman is correct and the anonymity of a website gets common folks post messages that are extremely abhorrent, then there’s a darkness lurking inside folks that these sites unleashes.Good papers avoid printing letters that are anonymous the letter is significant enough to print and unless shielding the writer’s identity is a security issue.

Anonymous news 3

In truth, power is given by these anonymous posts to cowards who unexpectedly believe they have license to say whatever drivel that is malicious and, frequently, completely asinine pops into their small heads ; the gutless have a forum to present their gutlessness.Real people who have real ideas, reasoned and sensible, are unafraid to possess their views. They write what they submit and consider it knowing full well that some, maybe many, will differ. If the view is fair, good-imagined and nicely delineated, then having one’s name attached to it shouldn’t make anyone afraid.

The Colorado Higher Ed News, on my Website, I do not have to take anonymous rants composed by cringing cowards overly afraid of the world to place their name on their ideas – And, truly, how much more cowardly can many people get? Refusing to possess their views is like attempting to distance themselves from their face. Not having a forum where readers can comment is preferable to having an anonymous post where HarryNads, Dickman10 or any Tomcat99 can post whatever dumb thought pops into what’s laughingly called a head.

Doug Hawk, editor and writer of the Colorado Higher Ed News, is novelist and a retired public relations manager.


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